In 2015 over 3million activity trackers were sold in the UK and predictions are that over 30million will have been sold by 2020. That’s around half the UK population all counting steps and being electronically motivated. The advertising says it all:

 “Motivates you to reach your health and fitness goals”

“Make every minute count. Capture your steps, active time, calories burned, sleep time and heart rate, throughout the day and night”

“By helping you move a little more each day, you can beat yesterday”

This got me thinking – instead on just making our steps another statistic to post triumphantly on Facebook or more often than not to disappoint us before setting to sleep mode (I’ve been on my feet all day and still got 4,781 to reach my goal) , why not celebrate some of the places, people and experiences that our steps have got us to?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to berate people who have bought trackers to help them get healthy – I myself bought one a few years ago (it died last year). But what I wanted to do is to celebrate where my steps have lead rather than how many I have done. I’m lucky to be reasonably fit and healthy and to be able to get out into the hills more than most so my step count should be higher than the average.

So  I won’t be providing numbers but the experiences my steps lead me to and if you are reading this please let me know what your favourite steps have been recently.