Mini Adventures

Adventures are not the exclusive realm of millionaires or those with weeks, months or years to fill. Adventures don’t have to be safari’s, base jumping or trekking across the world. You can have fun with a mini-adventure over a day, weekend or short week doing something enjoyable, unique and a departure from your routine. On your own, with your family or a group of friends we can arrange your own bespoke mini-adventure without breaking the bank. Let us know who it is for, your budget and what you would like to achieve and we will come up with a no-obligation itinery. Here are some possibilities to get you thinking.

  • A weekend walking in the hills with a wild camp beside a small lake watching the sunset and sunrise across the surrounding mountains.
  • A day of multi-activity adventures on land, water and in the trees.
  • A week on a long distance path with accommodation arranged and bags transported.
  • A day following a treasure trail.

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